WMD free zone in the middle east

Talking about the Bomb in Tel Aviv

Elzbieta Okuniewska published "Talking about the Bomb in Tel Aviv" for the Palestine-Israel Journal which covers the roundtable discussion that BASIC jointly organised with the Green Cross, the Israeli Disarmament Movement, and IKV Pax Christi. Paul Ingram shared his experience working with Iran on nuclear issues while BASIC senior fellow Ward Wilson presented narratives around rethinking nuclear weapons.

Iran Update 163

  • IAEA reports that Iran has added more centrifuges at underground enrichment facility, but additional centrifuges not operating
  • Iran and IAEA to resume talks on December 13th
  • Iran says willing to attend conference for Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction
  • Close calls regarding Israeli attacks on Iran come to light
  • Britain may not cooperate in any military attack by the United States and Israel
  • EU reinforcing sanctions against Iran
  • Iran fires upon U.S. drone
  • Iran’s nuclear power plant likely experiencing more problems

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Middle East free of nuclear weapons can become reality

BASIC's program director, Anne Penketh, discusses the security risks in the Middle East and the prospects of a WMD-free zone treaty in the region in this article for The National. She writes, "A WMD-free zone in the Middle East would take years to negotiate, but the alternatives, including possible military action against Iran, are chilling. This is not about only the security of a region, but of the world."

Time to reframe the debate on the Iranian nuclear programme

In this Open Democracy article, BASIC's executive director, Paul Ingram urges us to move away from traditional Cold War thinking and the dichotomy of us versus them.  He explains that in order to properly address the issue of nuclear nonproliferation, we must reframe the debate on the Iranian nuclear weapons programme.

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