Iran Says It Has Triple Amount of Enriched Uranium Found by UN in April

“It’s a game of threat from the Security Council and then a game of response by Iran, and they’re playing chicken with each other.”

BASIC Executive Director Paul Ingram quoted in Bloomberg News. Read more:


Getting to Zero Update

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference concluded at the end of May on a positive note. However, the months ahead look uncertain. Diplomatic relations over the North Korean and Iranian programs continue to deteriorate, and there still lacks a firm indication on whether the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) will be ratified by the end of the year. 

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Iran sanctions 'holding up nuclear treaty negotiations'

The unveiling of the Iran sanctions resolution "has changed the atmosphere here", noted Anne Penketh who is monitoring the view. The conference, she noted, "has been on a knife-edge from the get-go and I think it still is".

BASIC Program Director Anne Penketh quoted by The Independent. Read more:


The threat of nuclear terrorism: a race between catastrophe and co-operation

“If there was an incident of nuclear terrorism, what happens thereafter? You can imagine if al Qa’eda attacked. You can see them saying, ‘Actually we’ve got more. We will blast more at a time that we choose.’ Even if it was not true there would be panicked emptying of cities globally. If an incident happened in an American city, the US would be under enormous pressure to use enormous military force to target whoever is connected in any way. You’d have widespread instability and conflict.”

BASIC Research Director Dr. Ian Kearns quoted in The National (Abu Dhabi)


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