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Russia in the Middle East

With recent regime changes and ongoing conflicts, the Middle East is a major concern for security threats and proliferation of WMD.  The international community is heavily involved in the region, but it seems that Russia's goals in and for the Middle East have been scrutinized by Western powers.

Iran Update: Number 150

US and India urge "meaningful dialogue" of all nuclear states

U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have issued a joint statement calling for "a meaningful dialogue among all states possessing nuclear weapons" with a view to reducing the salience of nuclear weapons globally. In the statement, issued at the end of President Obama's visit to India, both leaders firmly stated their belief in a world free from nuclear weapons as well as expressing concerns over illegal smuggling and trafficking of nuclear material.

Iran Update: Number 146

Iran Update: Number 145

Lines Drawn at NPT Review Conference

Day 10: The scene has been set for the negotiations at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference following the release of the draft documents from the main committees which summarise discussions of the past two weeks and lay down an action plan for the future.

The following areas are some of those which will be hotly debated in the final two weeks of the Review Conference:

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