The Iranian nuclear crisis: a risk assessment

Sir John Thomson argues that the Western approach to Tehran, currently led by the Bush Administration, is unlikely to halt Iran's uranium enrichment program, and may even contribute to the worst case scenarios: a war with Iran and an Iranian nuclear weapon. He concludes by surveying three options for the nuclear program: "mothballing," "pilot plant," and "multilateral enrichment facility."

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Blair pressing to host American 'Star Wars' Interceptor missiles, and keeping Parliament in the dark (again)

BASIC calls for consultation, and for threat assessments and industrial studies to be declassified

UK and US governments have been holding discussions on basing a US anti-ballistic missile defence system on UK soil - and the UK Prime Minister is said to have personally lobbied the US President for the system. BASIC is calling for the government to make a public statement clarifying the position, committing to consultation, and declassifying threat assessments and industrial studies.

BASIC Co-Executive Director, Dr Ian Davis said:

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