Meeting with a delegation from the Defence Committee of the WEU Assembly - The European Security and Defence Assembly

On June 17, 2008, BASIC hosted a meeting with delegation members from the Defence Committee of the Assembly of the Western European Union - The European Security and Defence Assembly at the Washington, D.C. Home of Stewart R. Mott.

Below are the briefings delivered by Washington-based peace and security experts Ambassador James Leonard, John Isaacs, Shervin Boloorian, and Dr. Joanna Spear.

Getting to Zero Update

Iran update: number 118


  • Iran to answer IAEA's questions following intelligence allegations
  • P5 + Germany met in London to discuss new incentives
  • Iranian proposal on ending nuclear deadlock being seriously considered by Russia
  • Inside Iran's Natanz nuclear plant
  • NATO and E.U. criticized says Iran's nuclear programme
  • Iranians vote in second stage of parliamentary elections

IAEA and Iranian officials are to meet again later this month to discuss the IAEA's intelligence evidence of Iran's past nuclear weapon programme.

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Getting to Zero Update

France and getting to zero

On March 21, speaking at Cherbourg with the new French atomic submarine, Le Terrible, as a backdrop, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced a reduction in the number of nuclear warheads in France's arsenal to fewer than 300, half the maximum that France possessed during the Cold War. The announcement was coupled to broader statements about France's security in a global context, about the essential role of France's nuclear deterrent for its security, and about links of the deterrent to British and European security.

Getting to Zero Update