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Three high-level meetings this week sum up the interconnected challenge of global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is in Washington to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton will then later in the week go on to Turkey to sign the basing agreement for missile defense radar infrastructure. On Tuesday Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi meets with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, who since taking over from Mohamed ElBaradei in December 2009 has been responsible for a harder IAEA line toward Iran.

Iran Update: Number 151

Reducing the Role of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Perspectives and Proposals on the NATO Policy Debate

This BASIC/ACA/IFSH report is the fruit of a year’s informal discussions involving policy makers and diplomats from key NATO member states, at events across Europe before and after the NATO Lisbon summit last November.

The United States, NATO’s Strategic Concept, and Nuclear Issues

Washington appeared satisfied with the November 2010 Lisbon Summit outcome and new Strategic Concept regarding nuclear weapons and arms control. In this article, Amb. Steven Pifer analyzes the dual tracks of the Deterrence and Defense Posture Review process and development of a U.S. approach to nonstrategic nuclear weapons for possible future negotiations with Russia.

Turkey, NATO & and Nuclear Sharing: Prospects after NATO's Lisbon Summit

Mustafa Kibaroglu presents Turkey's political, military and diplomatic views to the prolonged deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons on their soil. Turkey's policy of non-proliferation contrasts with their hosting - albeit burden sharing - of NATO tactical nuclear weapons. He concludes that Turkey, preferably together with other NATO members, should take the initiative in asking the United States to draw them down and remove them entirely, in the interests of Turkish security and alliance cohesion.

Iran Update: Number 150

Iran Update: Number 149

  • Latest IAEA assessment of Iran’s nuclear program echoes recent Agency reports
  • The impact of Stuxnet
  • International divide over sanctions grows
  • Speculation on Iran’s intentions and capabilities
  • Iranian rocketry, missile developments
  • Middle East protests: context and meaning for Iranian leadership and U.S. influence

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Iran Update: Number 148


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