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US-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: What comes next?

On October 1, 2008 the US Congress passed the US-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. The long anticipated agreement would allow US companies to trade nuclear technology, information, and material to India. It has faced several hurdles, including first passing the US Congress in 2006, the Indian Parliament in July, the IAEA Board of Governors in August, and the Nuclear Suppliers Group in September. Controversy surrounds the agreement because, India is not an established member of the nonproliferation regime and it detonated nuclear devices in 1998.

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Iran update: number 125


  • Russia commits to completing light water reactor at Bushehr; overall Russian-Iranian nuclear ties may be increasing
  • Iran risking new round of sanctions, but no news yet
  • French President Sarkozy takes up mantle as a principal intermediary between West and Iran
  • Syrian attempts to persuade Iran to more seriously commit to inspection regime
  • Iranian air force to hold war games during Ramadan

On September 2, the state-run Russian nuclear consortium, AtomStroiExport (ASE),

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