Maintaining focus in negotiations for a START successor

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev's recent announcement that Russia will be upgrading its military forces in the face of Western encroachment (among other reasons) underscores the tenuousness of US-Russian relations. Despite enthusiasm shown by both sides for strengthening ties under President Obama, Washington and Moscow have very different, often conflicting, strategic interests.

Getting to Zero Update

PM Brown calls for increased global commitment to disarmament

On March 17 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivered a speech before the International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference at Lancaster House in London. Expanding the agenda of the upcoming G20 Summit beyond repairing the global economy, he emphasized the need to take a "broader view" and work to establish a "new global society." Central to this proposal was for nations to cooperate in reducing nuclear arsenals.

Getting to Zero Update

Zero: Creating the conditions for abolishing nuclear weapons

David Miliband, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, gave a speech yesterday at IISS, London, for the presentation of a governmental survey on the conditions for abolishing nuclear weapons. Overall, it was not a groundbreaking speech. However, it is worthwhile noting that the Secretary of State stressed two main points:

German statesmen, US policy and opinion shapers declare support for world without nuclear weapons

During the past week, four prominent German statesmen, the new Chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a Secretary-designate for the US Department of Energy, and a former lead researcher from one of the US national labs have all made strong public statements in support of the eventual goal of a world without nuclear weapons.

Congressional Commission on the US Strategic Posture releases interim report

The Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States has released an interim report. The 12-page report sets out initial findings, focusing on "stockpile stewardship" and Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) issues (controversies which instigated the Commission's formation).

Getting to Zero Update

A new American president and nuclear weapons

As one of the longest and most closely followed US campaigns has drawn to a close, the implications of this election for getting to zero are unknown. The next president faces the monumental challenge of coping with two wars and a worldwide economic crisis. These issues may detract from the time and energy that the next Administration can spend on nuclear security.


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