Negative Security Assurances: The Test of Commitment to Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament?


Nuclear armed states already offer some limited and conditional guarantees (NSAs) that they will not threaten nuclear attack on other states that do not have nuclear weapons. This report, Negative Security Assurances: The Test of Commitment to Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament looks at the opportunities there are in building upon these guarantees, and how this would improve global stability and security, and inject some confidence into the non-proliferation regime when it has experienced a number of recent challenges.

BASIC has been working closely with the German mission to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva to promote international discussion of Negative Security Assurances.

Paul Ingram, BASIC's Executive Director and author of the report, addressed the Conference on Disarmament Subsidiary Body 4 meeting on 4th June to discuss the prospects for negotiations on NSAs, and took questions for three hours in the session. He has also addressed three earlier sessions in Geneva, another in New York and in Berlin, by invitation from the German Foreign Ministry. BASIC has also been working closely with the UK Foreign Office, and has jointly hosted events with them in London. This work forms part of BASIC's programme to promote multilateral disarmament at a time of particular challenge.

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  • Paul Ingram, Executive Director has been with BASIC since 2002 and been executive director since 2007. Paul has authored a number of BASIC's reports and briefings covering a variety of nuclear and non-nuclear issues..
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