Nuclear Non-proliferation in the Gulf Roundtable Report


This is a themed report arising out of a BASIC roundtable event in Istanbul on March 25th and 26th, a few weeks before the 2013 Preparatory Committee in Geneva. Involving participants from all over the region, including GCC states, Iran, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, as well as the United States, UK and Germany, this meeting discussed the health of the non-proliferation regime as it affected the Gulf region and placed today’s debates in a longer-term context.

This report attempts to draw out some of the themes behind perspectives expressed without necessarily endorsing them, whilst also reporting proposals on possible ways forward. The report does not reflect the views of BASIC or the project sponsor.

The themes addressed in the summary include: Challenges to NPT complacency, the Helsinki conference and possible alternatives, the evolution of nuclear deterrence in the Gulf, regional transition and challenging the status quo.

Full article: Nuclear Non-proliferation in the Gulf Roundtable Report

Also see: BASIC's event page on the conference.

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