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Iran update: number 116


  • Iran increases nuclear capacity in spite of sanctions
  • China gives IAEA intelligence about Iran's nuclear programme
  • Bush offers Iran a "way forward" - the mixed messages from US officials
  • Sarkozy says Iran is the type of threat the new French nuclear submarine is designer to counter.

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Getting to Zero Update

Who are you calling petty?

What's the point of mentioning all the books about Dr Khan if one doesn't mention at least one book review? Thus, this article AQ Khan's Atomic Vision: How a petty postal inspector became the world's leading nuclear salesman by Douglas Farah in yesterday's Washington Post, which looks at three of the most recent. Though I think we disagree with the use of the word petty. Nobody who dreams of helping build nuclear weapons can be accused of being petty.

Whacking Dr Khan, Take Two

It is an unspoken rule in journalism that no matter how many times something has been covered, the subject is always deemed newsworthy when covered by a leading member of the mainstream media.

Thus, the article 'Those Nuclear Flashpoints Are Made in Pakistan' in yesterday's Washington Post by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins, lamenting the leniency the United States has shown toward the most dangerous nuclear-trafficking operation in history - an operation masterminded by one man, Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Pakistan tends to leak

In light of all the current angst about the turmoil in Pakistan and concern over its nuclear weapons and the possibility that they, or more likely, relevant technology, equipment, and material, might leak elsewhere, it seems relevant to note this synopsis by the Partnership For Global Security of its workshop, Building Confidence in Pakistan's Nuclear Security.

According to the press release:


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