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Iran update: number 114


  • US: Iran must confess to making nuclear bomb
  • Iran tests faster centrifuges with uranium
  • IAEA report could be delayed by disagreement between Elbaradei and his staff
  • Iran's Missile tests alarm international community

On Friday Gregory Schulte, chief US delegate to the IAEA demanded that Iran confess to trying to make nuclear weapons prior to 2003.

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Syria and Dr Khan

It almost slipped by me but you will be happy to note that Dr Khan is an issue in the US presidential election; at least he is to one Republican candidate.

Consider this exchange during the October 9, 2007 Republican Debate on economic issues.

MS BARTIROMO: Mayor Giuliani, foreign acquisitions in the United States are headed for a record in 2007.

And yet some money is still turned away. A Dubai company could not acquire our ports. A Chinese company could not acquire Unocal.

You see, Richard, we all have to make compromises...

And now let us return to the days of yore, February 11, 2004, when President Bush, made remarks on Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation.

President Bush actually said (no, really, I’m not kidding) some good things about how to prevent proliferation.

But, in light of what I’ve previously posted about Richard Barlow, I’m thinking that perhaps the US government might want to rethink how much it appreciates the efforts of the men and women of our intelligence community:

You rang, Dr Khan?

Sometimes following the esoterica of the nuclear black market seems so weird that it seems like a scene out of the Addams Family. Let’s see: Dr Khan would be Gomez, the bright, energetic businessman; and, in a nice case of life imitating art (sort of), Lurch would be played by Lurch.

Okay, I used artistic license; it’s Lerch, Gotthard Lerch actually. Still, Lerch seemed to serve Dr Khan just as faithfully as Lurch served Gomez Addams. Here is some of what Mark Hibbs wrote about him the September 24 issue of Nuclear Fuels:

Goddamn it Jim, I'm a patriot, not a scummy smuggler

Did you know we have a NSOI? Neither did I. But thanks to this September 30 US State Department press release, I do now.

Evidently Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ednan Karabayev signed the Program of Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on Combating the Smuggling of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials.

Let's keep 'generic' for drug prescriptions

On September 18, I posted that that four former executives of Japanese company, Mitutoyo Corp, were found guilty of illegally exporting devices that could be used in producing nuclear weapons. That is true, but from the perspective of actually trying to prevent such things from happening there is more to the story. And, as is usually the case, the redoubtable reporter Mark Hibbs had the story first; back in January, to be precise. Here is some of what he wrote in the January 15 issue of Nuclear Fuel:


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