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US General says UK to get rid of Trident 2 February 2009 Analysis view
Beyond the UK: Trends in the Other Nuclear Armed States 30 October 2011 Publication view
Defence-Industrial Issues: Employment, Skills, Technology and Regional Impacts 21 March 2012 Publication view
Entente Nucléaire 25 June 2012 Publication view
Labour Party defence in the debate on Trident 1 October 2012 Analysis view
Scotland: questioning nuclear weapons and NATO membership 15 October 2012 Analysis view
Lib Dem leadership in government stakes out its ground ahead of Trident Alternatives Review 23 January 2013 Analysis view
Deterrence, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and UK Trident 27 March 2013 Publication view
Beyond the Trident Alternatives Review 4 April 2013 Publication view
Op-Ed: David Cameron’s nuclear fantasy land 10 April 2013 Analysis view
Scotland: Trident and the independence debate 9 May 2013 Blog view
The Great British Trident Debate: 2013 Reviews, 2014 Scottish Referendum, 2015 General Election, 2016 Main Gate Decision 26 June 2013 Blog view
Reading the findings of the UK Trident Alternatives Review 8 July 2013 Publication view
Trident in UK Politics and Public Opinion 15 July 2013 Publication view
The British Trident debate: an opportunity for progress? 15 July 2013 Analysis view
Minimum Deterrence: Examining the Examination 4 September 2013 Blog view
'Defending the Future': A rational approach to Britain's future nuclear arsenal 9 September 2013 Publication view
Mr. Alexander goes to Washington 9 September 2013 Analysis view
Despotism or Democracy? 13 September 2013 Blog view
Liberal Democrat Conference 2013 17 September 2013 Blog view
US-UK Trident Nuclear Weapons Systems 1 November 2013 Publication view
Britain's political parties and their nuclear postures 16 December 2013 Blog view
US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement Renewal 2014: a foregone conclusion? 24 February 2014 Blog view
Trident Commission Concluding Report 1 July 2014 Publication view
Background Briefing Papers to the Trident Commission Concluding Report 1 July 2014 Publication view
A BASIC Guide to Interpreting the Trident Commission's Concluding Report 1 July 2014 Publication view
Building Dialogue: The Trident Commission and our nuclear future 3 July 2014 Blog view
Beyond the Trident Commission Report 9 July 2014 Blog view
Response to the Trident Commission Concluding Report 23 July 2014 Blog view
Trident - a liability the UK can ill afford to keep 17 September 2014 Analysis view