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UK's Trident nuclear submarines 'vulnerable to catastrophic hack' 1 June 2017 Analysis view
Report highlights Trident nuclear hack vulnerabilities 1 June 2017 Analysis view
A Policy Proposal for the UK Government: Prevent a Nuclear Catastrophe 26 January 2017 Blog view
The Implications of the Trident Test Failure 23 January 2017 Analysis view
How did the Trident test fail and what did Theresa May know? 22 January 2017 Analysis view
Dreadnought to carry Trident, an ominous legacy? 28 October 2016 Blog view
Disarmament is more about international security than morality 4 October 2016 Blog view
Blog: The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Future of SSBNs 22 September 2016 Blog view
Monday's Trident Debate: What was mentioned, what was left out? 19 July 2016 Analysis view
Trident Wrapped Up? 19 July 2016 Blog view
The outcome of the Trident vote will not be the last word 18 July 2016 Blog view
Voting for Trident before the Scotland question is settled is illogical 18 July 2016 Analysis view
The UK and its Role in the World 14 July 2016 Publication view
New Strategies for UK Leadership on Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament 14 July 2016 Publication view
CASD: Options for Trident Patrolling 14 July 2016 Publication view
A Primer on Trident’s Cyber Vulnerabilities 13 July 2016 Publication view
European Leadership Network on the Successor SSBN 12 July 2016 Analysis view
Brexit: Impact on Trident 24 June 2016 Analysis view
Commons Vote on Trident Imminent? 17 June 2016 Analysis view
Concerning SSBN Vulnerability ­- recent papers 10 June 2016 Blog view
Trident Advocates Target the Air-Launched Option 29 April 2016 Blog view
Trident is Vulnerable 9 March 2016 Analysis view
Making Sense of the Trident Debate Requires an Open Mind - In Defence of Emily Thornberry 9 February 2016 Analysis view
Will Trident Still Work in the Future? 22 January 2016 Publication view
Trident: A Done Deal? 21 January 2016 Analysis view
Trident - Decisions Taken and Immediate Prospects 30 November 2015 Analysis view
Trident: the need for a comprehensive risk assessment 23 November 2015 Publication view
Trident Cost-Saving Options 27 October 2015 Analysis view
Surviving nuclear zero: A fresh perspective on disarmament in the 21st century 22 October 2015 Publication view
Labour and Trident Now 30 September 2015 Blog view