United Kingdom Leadership in Multilateral Disarmament


BASIC has worked with the United Kingdom to fulfil its international disarmament obligations for over thirty years. Today, we work with members of all political parties, taking a non-partisan, dialogue-based approach to facilitate complex cross-party analysis and innovative thinking.

Recent content about United Kingdom Leadership in Multilateral Disarmament

Report: Meaningful Multilateralism: 30 Nuclear Disarmament Proposals for the Next UK Government

The need for nuclear disarmament through multilateral diplomacy is greater now than it has been at any stage since the end of the Cold War. Trust and confidence in the existing nuclear non-proliferation regime is fraying, tensions are high, goals are misaligned, and dialogue is irregular. 

In Meaningful Multilateralism, BASIC and UNA–UK offer 30 multilateral disarmament proposals for the incoming UK Government after the General Election on the 8th June, themed according to three types of leadership the UK has previously shown in disarmament: