Strategic Dialogues


Between 2012-2013, BASIC delivered a series of “Strategic Dialogues” in Washington DC, aimed at facilitating the exchange of different perspectives on nuclear weapons issues and deterrence theories. Experts share their views in “dialogue” rather than traditional “debate” format, with the aim of exploring commonalities rather than emphasizing differences.

The dialogues aim to support policymakers, including newer generations on Capitol Hill, in considering the broader strategic questions and assumptions around nuclear weapons policies, with the aim of informing decision making now and in the future. The cross-perspective dialogue enables participants to consider differences in views on nuclear weapons and tease out of similarities in hopes of creating greater consensus.

Transcripts, audio, summaries, and photos from the event are available on the links below:

The last event, Costs and benefits to US strategic interests from UKrenewal of Trident, was held on November 12, 2013, with speakers Paul Ingram, Executive Director of BASIC, and Peter Huessy, President of GeoStrategic Analysis. 

Paul Ingram and Peter Huessy answer questions from the audience at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC

Earlier Dialogues

  1. European Perspectives on Nuclear Burden-sharing” with Oliver Meier and François Rivasseau discussed the role of nuclear burden-sharing for transatlantic security and the NATO alliance, during BASIC’s Strategic Dialogue on July 26, at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC.
  2. Nuclear Weapons Spending: What Does the U.S. Need and Why?”, with Dr. Christopher Ford and Amb. Steve Pifer (U.S.-ret.), a private event held in the House Rayburn Building, January 18, 2013.
  3. “Nuclear modernization: What does it mean and what is required for U.S. Security?”, November 13th, 2012 with speakers Amb. Linton Brooks and Hans Kristensen. 
  4. “Making sense of the Nuclear Posture”, September 18th, 2012, with speakers Dr. Janne Nolan and Dr. Christopher Ford.
  5. “Who Needs Nuclear Weapons and Why?”, May 8th, 2012, with speakers Dr. Christopher Ford and Dr. Barry Blechman, in association with the Hudson Institute.

We are grateful to The Prospect Hill Foundation for supporting this project.