Joint Project: Reducing the Role of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe


Between 2010-2014, BASIC ran a series of joint projects on reducing the role of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Partners in these projects included the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP),  Arms Control Association and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH). 

Background Papers

SWP-BASIC Workshop “Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Practice” SWP, Berlin, March 27–28, 2014

BASIC background paper published May 2014:

  • The Experience of Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones
    -Marc Finaud, Senior Advisor, Emerging Security Challenges Programme, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), and Senior Resident Fellow, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

SWP background papers published April 2014:

Nuclear Policy Papers series

ACA/BASIC/IFSH Nuclear Policy Paper series:

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 15: The Role of NATO in the French White Paper and implications for nuclear arms control, Jean-Marie Collin, October 2013

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 14: Countdown to Chaos? Timelines and Implications of Procurement Decisions for NATO’s Dual-Capable Aircraft, Ted Seay, July 2013

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 13: NATO’s Nuclear Guardians: WhyNATO’s bureaucracy is unable to initiate change to, or support reform of, Alliance nuclear policy, Ted Seay, May 2013

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 12: Theatre Nuclear Weapons and the next round of bilateral New START Treaty follow-on talks, Ted Seay, January 2013

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 11:Modernizing NATO’s Nuclear Forces: Implications for the Alliance’s defense posture on arms control, Hans Kristensen, November 2012

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 10: Dissecting the DDPR, Edmond Seay, July 2012

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 9: The Future of NATO’s Nuclear Weapons, Amb. Rolf Nikel, November 2011

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 8: Revising NATO’s Nuclear Posture: The Way Forward, Oliver Meier, August 2011

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 7: NATO’s Defense and Deterrence Posture Review: A French Perspective on Nuclear Issues, Paul Zajac, April 2011

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 6: The United States, NATO’s Strategic Concept, and Nuclear Issues, Steven Pifer, April 2011

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 5: Turkey, NATO & and Nuclear Sharing: Prospects after NATO’s Lisbon Summit, Mustafa Kilbaroglu, April 2011

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 4: NATO’s New Strategic Concept and the future of tactical nuclear weapons, Oliver Meier, November 2010

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 3: Current NATO Nuclear Policy, Rt. Hon Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne), November 2010

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 2: Polish and Central European Priorities on NATO’s Future Nuclear Policy, Łukasz Kulesa, November 2010

Nuclear Policy Paper No. 1: Options for arms control to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in NATO, Peter Gottwald, November 2010

Other ACA/BASIC/IFSH Project Publications:

Joint ACA/BASIC/IFSH Project Roundtables:

NATO’s future nuclear posture, Washington, DC roundtable, July 2013

Prospects for Russian-US arms control, Moscow roundtable, May 2013

Engaging Russia on Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Brussels roundtable, April 2013

British policy towards NATO’s nuclear posture, London roundtable, January 2013

NATO’s future deterrence posture—What can nuclear weapons contribute? Paris roundtable, March 2012

Tactical nuclear weapons and the NATO-Russia dialogue, Moscow roundtable agenda, March 2012

NATO’s Deterrence and Defence Posture Review and the Future of Nuclear Weapons: Synthesis report from a roundtable hosted byIRIS, ACA, BASIC and IFSH in March 2012

Improving transparency on TNW: Building blocks for a NATORussia dialogue, Berlin roundtable, November 2011

NATO’s Nuclear Posture and Burden Sharing: An Italian Perspective, Rome roundtable, July 2011

Revising NATO’s nuclear deterrence posture: prospects for change, Brussels roundtable, May 2011

NATO’s Nuclear Deterrence and Defence: A Nordic perspective, Helsinki roundtable, April 2011

NATO’s Nuclear Deterrence Posture and Baltic Security, Tallinn roundtable, March 2011

Credible Deterrence for NATO in the XXI Century, Warsaw roundtable (link to agenda in HTML on the website of the Polish Institute of International Affairs), July 2010

Joint Press Releases:

TacNukes Newsletters:

An occasional newletter updates focused on recent developments related to transparency, accounting, and reductions of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) in Europe. 

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