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Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update

Whacking Dr Khan, Take Two

It is an unspoken rule in journalism that no matter how many times something has been covered, the subject is always deemed newsworthy when covered by a leading member of the mainstream media.

Thus, the article 'Those Nuclear Flashpoints Are Made in Pakistan' in yesterday's Washington Post by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins, lamenting the leniency the United States has shown toward the most dangerous nuclear-trafficking operation in history - an operation masterminded by one man, Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Dr Khan 1: Benazir Bhutto 0

If Benazir Bhutto was floating a trial balloon when she talked about allowing IAEA inspectors to question Dr Khan I think it safe to say the results are in. And it appears, to paraphrase Franklin D Roosevelt, the only thing Dr Khan has to fear is not Benazir Bhutto. Consider some of the subsequent reaction, courtesy of BBC Monitoring International Reports, September 27, 2007:

Questioning President Musharraf's hero?

We wonder how Dr Khan feels about this. Even though it was Pakistani President Musharraf who relieved Dr Khan of his job and put him in house arrest in February 2004, Musharraff has always been protective of him. In the past, he said, He is my hero. He always was and still is, because he made Pakistan a nuclear power (Shopping For Bombs, p 214). That helps explain why Musharraf has steadfastly refused to allow Dr Khan to be interrogated by outsiders.

Khan and the IAEA

To follow up to the earlier posting today about Benazir Bhutto’s remarks yesterday, in which she said allow IAEA inspectors to question Abdul Qadeer Khan, I think it appropriate to cite some of what Mark Hibbs previously wrote, in this November 23 2007 Nucleonics Week article:


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