Dr. Trevor McCrisken (Chair)

Trevor McCrisken
Trevor McCrisken

Trevor McCrisken, chair of the BASIC board since 2007, is Associate Professor in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. He is also a North America Region Head with Oxford Analytica and an adviser to the journal International Affairs. His research and publications are on US foreign policy, US counterterrorism, American national identity, and US politics and culture. His publications include "Obama's Drone War" in the journal Survival (April/May 2013) and two articles in the journal International Affairs "Ten Years On: Obama's War on Terrorism in Rhetoric and Practice" and "Justifying Sacrifice: Barack Obama and the Selling and Ending of the War in Afghanistan". He is currently writing a book on the use of 'drones' in US and UK counterterrorism.

Image: Warwick University, PAIS Department

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