Prof Nicholas Grief


Dr Nicholas Grief has over 30 years' experience as a legal academic and practises as a barrister from Doughty Street Chambers, London. A specialist in public international law, human rights and EU law, he is a major contributor to the UK Government Legal Service's EU law training programmes and has delivered human rights training for the Sovereign Base Areas, Cyprus. He has appeared in cases concerning the legality of nuclear weapons. He was involved in the World Court Project (notably as the author of The World Court Project on Nuclear Weapons and International Law) which led to the ICJ's 1996 advisory opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. He was on the panel of experts established by Peacerights to examine legal issues regarding the conduct of military operations by coalition forces in the 2003 Iraq War. His recent publications include: 'The Iraq War: Issues of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law', in Williams A and Shiner P (eds) The Iraq War and International Law (2008), 95–116; 'Using Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights as a defence to criminal proceedings arising from non-violent direct action against nuclear weapons: the relevance of international law', (2007) 11(3) The International Journal of Human Rights, 327–347; 'Is Britain's continued possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons illegal?' in Booth K and Barnaby F (eds) The future of Britain's nuclear weapons: experts reframe the debate (2006), Current Decisions Report, 41–48.

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