Paul Ingram, Executive Director

Paul Ingram is BASIC’s executive director, developing BASIC’s long-term strategy to help reduce global nuclear dangers through disarmament and collaborative non-proliferation, coordinating operations in London and Washington. In particular, he leads on BASIC’s work as host to the BASIC Trident Commission in London, BASIC’s NATO programme, and work in the Middle East. Paul has authored a number of BASIC’s reports and briefings covering a variety of nuclear and non-nuclear issues since 2002.

Paul has an extensive media experience and hosted a weekly peak-time talk show on IRINN (Iranian domestic TV News in Farsi) addressing issues relevant to global security 2007-2012. He also taught systems approaches on the flagship Top Management Programme at the UK government’s National School of Government 2006-2012.  

Area of expertise: 
Global nuclear disarmament strategies and agendas, US and UK nuclear weapons decisions, NATO’s nuclear posture, Iran’s nuclear programme and diplomatic attempts to control it.
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