tactical nuclear weapon

German statesmen, US policy and opinion shapers declare support for world without nuclear weapons

During the past week, four prominent German statesmen, the new Chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a Secretary-designate for the US Department of Energy, and a former lead researcher from one of the US national labs have all made strong public statements in support of the eventual goal of a world without nuclear weapons.

McCain supports GTZ: Nuclear disarmament now mainstream

Republican presidential candidate John McCain earlier today gave a landmark speech on the responsibility to engage more seriously in disarmament. Given the two Democrat frontrunners have already explicitly leant their weight to the vision, this is the clearest indication yet that nuclear disarmament has now achieved the mainstream - and it is now out of touch to oppose it.

A world without nuclear weapons: The international dimension

BASIC joined with The US Institute of Peace (USIP), and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to co-sponsor a March 6 debrief on the recent meeting of the Hoover Group in Oslo. Ambassador Max Kampelman, Ambassador James Goodby, and Dr George Perkovich, all participants in the Oslo meeting, discussed the means of revitalizing the international disarmament movement.


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