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April 2010

Obama's Nuclear Posture Review is "unconvincing balancing act": BASIC Executive Director

The Obama Administration today published its Nuclear Posture Review, sold as an indication of the reduced but continuing US reliance on nuclear forces for global deterrence and assurance. Paul Ingram, BASIC's Executive Director described the document as "an unconvincing balancing act."

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Russia hails agreement on nuclear arms treaty

”If you look at the actual treaty, they are not going to be cutting up weapons. They are just not going to be deployed. It is quite a modest treaty. It is important in what it says about US-Russian relations. It is a signal of the tangible improvement.”

BASIC Program Director Anne Penketh quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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UK Parliamentary Visit to Washington, DC to discuss prospects for multilateral nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

This report summarizes the key issues and highlights around a visit by high level British Parliamentarians to Washington, DC. They met with Senators and senior Administration officials to discuss the prospects for nuclear disarmament and stronger non-proliferation. A brief summary and full report (PDF) are available below.

START follow-on: Reductions - not radical optimists - can focus on limits

In conjunction with the Obama-Medvedev Summit in Moscow today, the United States and Russia reached a Joint Understanding (White House press release) for establishing new limitations on the number of strategic nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles under the START Follow-on Treaty.

Political developments around nuclear weapons and the "butterfly effect"

During the past month or two, getting to zero has seemed to resemble the early phase of the butterfly effect of Chaos Theory. The thinking goes as follows: the movement of air caused by a butterfly flapping his wings could contribute to the formation of a hurricane, or other major weather event. Without that one extra factor of the flapping of the butterfly's wings, the event may not have occurred. Of course, the flapping of a butterfly's wings alone cannot cause a weather event.

Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update


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