Obama cuts US nuclear arsenal – but keeps sights trained on Iran

“Obviously it is to be welcomed that the US will not develop new nuclear warheads despite pressure from the weapons labs, and that President Obama has won the argument over his core policy of limiting the use of nuclear weapons.”

BASIC Program Director Anne Penketh quoted in The Independent on the U.S. Nuclear Posture Review. 

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Two missed opportunities for GTZ during the presidential debate

The first US Presidential debate between senators John McCain and Barack Obama was supposed to be the big chance for the candidates to showcase their foreign policy visions and differences. Unfortunately, both candidates missed two opportunities within the debate to mention their vision for a world without nuclear weapons. It's actually one issue that both of them seem to agree on, at least in a general way.

PM Brown calls for increased global commitment to disarmament

On March 17 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivered a speech before the International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference at Lancaster House in London. Expanding the agenda of the upcoming G20 Summit beyond repairing the global economy, he emphasized the need to take a "broader view" and work to establish a "new global society." Central to this proposal was for nations to cooperate in reducing nuclear arsenals.


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