The Shadow NATO Summit: Options for NATO - pressing the reset button on the strategic concept

NATO officials, civil society and policy experts gathered to examine the organization’s future and explore how civil society groups and parliamentarians could advance NATO-related policies and actions.

This event was organized by NATO Watch, BASIC, Bertelsmann-Stiftung, and ISIS-Europe, with support from the Marmot Charitable Trust.

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Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update

Iran update: number 127


  • Russia decides not to sell Iran its S-300 anti-aircraft system
  • In the second presidential debate, Obama and McCain sound off on sanctions
  • The Bush Administration holds off on establishing permanent diplomatic presence in Iran
  • Iran refutes earlier hints that it might cease uranium enrichment on condition that it receives a guaranteed international supply of nuclear fuel
  • Iran withdraws its bid to be on the board of the IAEA in favor of regional partner Syria


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Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update


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