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NATO’s Deterrence and Defence Posture Review and the Future of Nuclear Weapons

This report is a synthesis of an expert roundtable discussion held in Paris on the Alliance's approach to nuclear arms control. The Arms Control Association, BASIC, the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy Hamburg, and the Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategique, jointly organized this event two months before NATO's conclusion of its Deterrence and Defense Posture Review and the upcoming summit in Chicago.

Time to reframe the debate on the Iranian nuclear programme

In this Open Democracy article, BASIC's executive director, Paul Ingram urges us to move away from traditional Cold War thinking and the dichotomy of us versus them.  He explains that in order to properly address the issue of nuclear nonproliferation, we must reframe the debate on the Iranian nuclear weapons programme.

International Cooperation in Nuclear Security

Commenting on the Nuclear Security Summit II, Paul Ingram told Uranium Investing News: “Obama’s creation of an approach that pulls states into common objectives on this agenda is no small feat given the weeks of diplomatic wrangling and finger pointing that characterizes the diplomacy around the more established nuclear non-proliferation treaty process. However, such progress was incremental, and fell way short of what would be needed to meaningfully tackle threats to nuclear security.”

New approach sought to reduce regional tensions

Reporter Peter Townson for the Gulf Times covered the BASIC conference on "Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Gulf."  The story includes highlights from the keynote speech by Hans Blix and quotes BASIC Executive Director, Paul Ingram, who said of the event, “We want to hear the views of the analysts and officials from the region to hear a different perspective than the drumbeat of war.”

Nuclear non-proliferation in the Gulf, March 2012

Photos of BASIC conference on "Nuclear non-proliferation in the Gulf", held at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, in Doha, Qatar, March 21-22, 2012. Please see BASIC's conference event page for more details.

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Hans Blix opens first day of nuclear non-proliferation conference in Qatar

Hans Blix delivered the keynote address for a BASIC conference on Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Gulf. The former chief U.N. weapons inspector for Iraq and chair of the WMD Commission warned of the dangers from nuclear weapons and material, and called for greater inter-governmental cooperation and transparency.


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