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Getting to Zero Update

Launch of Adelphi 396: Abolishing nuclear weapons

George Perkovich is the leading author of a new Adelphi paper, commissioned in part by the UK Foreign Office and trailed by Margaret Beckett, whilst Foreign Secretary, in a speech at the Carnegie Conference in 2007 about the technical and political aspects around moves towards a world free of nuclear weapons. The paper was launched in Washington on 16th September at the Carnegie Endowment.

Iran update: number 123


  • Iran misses supposed imposed deadline to respond to P5+1 updated incentives package
  • Solana receives letter from Tehran, P5+1 reported to have deemed it an "unacceptable" response
  • Isra

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Meeting with a delegation from the Defence Committee of the WEU Assembly - The European Security and Defence Assembly

On June 17, 2008, BASIC hosted a meeting with delegation members from the Defence Committee of the Assembly of the Western European Union - The European Security and Defence Assembly at the Washington, D.C. Home of Stewart R. Mott.

Below are the briefings delivered by Washington-based peace and security experts Ambassador James Leonard, John Isaacs, Shervin Boloorian, and Dr. Joanna Spear.

Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update


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