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Congressional Commission on the US Strategic Posture releases interim report

The Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States has released an interim report. The 12-page report sets out initial findings, focusing on "stockpile stewardship" and Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) issues (controversies which instigated the Commission's formation).

McCain supports GTZ: Nuclear disarmament now mainstream

Republican presidential candidate John McCain earlier today gave a landmark speech on the responsibility to engage more seriously in disarmament. Given the two Democrat frontrunners have already explicitly leant their weight to the vision, this is the clearest indication yet that nuclear disarmament has now achieved the mainstream - and it is now out of touch to oppose it.

Iran update: number 119

Iran update: number 117


  • IAEA seeks explanation of documents that show nuclear warhead design.
  • Diplomatic engagement with Iran: P5, Germany and the EU meet in Shanghai; IAEA encourages Iran to re-enter negotiations; Iran to extend a solution; the secret US- Iranian talks facilities by Thomas Pickering.

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Getting to Zero Update

Toward true security

Some eight years into the 21st century, the threats to international security posed by the numbers, deployments and spread of nuclear weapons remain all too ominous. Disconcertingly, the possibility of a surprise attack - perhaps a tragic miscalculation or a criminal action - is an ongoing reality some six decades into the nuclear age.


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