Brian Eno chats with Tom Robinson


Former BASIC board member Brian Eno was featured on the Tom Robinson show on BBC Radio 6, discussing his career, involvement with BASIC, and interest in reducing nuclear dangers. Brian explains: 'We still have tens of thousands of ready to go nuclear weapons and they are still as dangerous as they once luck nothing has gone wrong with them. We have been very close to nuclear attack by error...there are a lot of nuclear weapons out there and gradually America and Russia are cutting down their arsenals.' Brian recollects on the Visions for a New Century event that he hosted on behalf of BASIC in 2010, featuring guests such as former U.S. Under-Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher, Baroness Shirley Williams of Crosby, and Grace Jones.

To listen to the interview visit the BBC Radio 6 website:

Note: Brian begins his discussion about nuclear weapons and BASIC at minute 27:30.


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