Iran Update 163

  • IAEA reports that Iran has added more centrifuges at underground enrichment facility, but additional centrifuges not operating
  • Iran and IAEA to resume talks on December 13th
  • Iran says willing to attend conference for Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction
  • Close calls regarding Israeli attacks on Iran come to light
  • Britain may not cooperate in any military attack by the United States and Israel
  • EU reinforcing sanctions against Iran
  • Iran fires upon U.S. drone
  • Iran’s nuclear power plant likely experiencing more problems

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The E3+3 discuss Iran after release of IAEA report

On Wednesday, Catherine Ashton, will host representatives from the E3+3 (P5+1: US, UK, China, Russia, France, and Germany) in Brussels to discuss continued efforts to find a diplomatic solution to discourage Iran from augmenting its nuclear program. Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has facilitated meetings between the E3+3 and Iran since 2009, which have so far yielded limited results.

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IAEA Chief Presses Iran, Syria to Come Clean on Nuclear Activities

When the U.N. nuclear watchdog Director General Yukiya Amano reported to the IAEA Board of Governors this week, updating about Syrian and Iranian atomic activities, Paul Ingram, BASIC's executive director said "There is little in Amano's report that would enable the United States or other nations to press for new Iranian sanctions" ...."Tehran is already subject to four rounds of U.N. Security Council resolutions and independent penalties from a number of nations."

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Iran Update: Number 144

  • Talks over Iran's nuclear enrichment could resume in the fall
  • More sanctions levied on Iran; Tehran vows to continue enriching uranium
  • Utility and impacts of sanctions questioned
  • Tehran pushes uranium enrichment progress; United States and Russia warn Iran closer to weapons capability
  • G8 and D8 summits
  • Case of Iranian nuclear scientist adds more controversy to Iran-U.S. relations; Canadian convicted of trying to export dual-use technology to Iran


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