low enriched uranium

Iran Update: Number 158

  • Verdict on first round of talks between P5+1 and Iran broadly positive; second round confirmed
  • Countries forced to ‘substantially’ cut down oil imports from Iran to avoid U.S. sanctions; Obama orders technology sanctions against Iran
  • Arrests made in connection to assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists

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Themes arising from the BASIC Workshop in Doha

About 50 participants - representatives of Gulf states and experts from the region, and U.S. and European experts and officials, exchanged views on Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Gulf during a conference on March 21st and 22nd. The workshop highlighted a number of themes, including: justice and rights, disarmament, universality and the health of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and Iran.

Iran Update: Number 155

  • Uranium Enrichment Operations Commence at Iran’s Fordow Facility
  • Iran Responds Positively to Offer for New Talks with P5+1; Special IAEA visit to Tehran for Talks possible at the end of January
  • E.U. Plans Phased-In Oil Embargo on Iran

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