BASIC is seeking to foster informed debate over Britain’s nuclear weapon system, which is currently composed of a fleet of four Vanguard submarines carrying Trident missiles.

Rethinking Nuclear Weapons

One of the most important and unremarked trends in nuclear weapons thinking is the constant change in the perceived capabilities and value of nuclear weapons.

Towards a WMD-free zone in the Middle East

International concern has been focused on Iran’s uranium enrichment program and Tehran’s potential and intention to develop nuclear weapons. In the Middle East, many leaders and constituencies are worried about the officially unacknowledged nuclear arsenal of Israel, as well as potential future capabilities in other countries.

Iran's nuclear program

BASIC has been tracking and commenting upon the issues related to Iran’s nuclear program since 2003. Iran is developing its own fuel cycle, focused in the first instance upon its uranium conversion facility at Esfahan and its enrichment facility at Natanz. Concerned at the consequences for proliferation stemming from Iran’s lack of full disclosure on past activities, the IAEA...

NATO's Nuclear Posture

As part of its military doctrine, NATO relies on nuclear weapons, including the strategic nuclear arsenals of the United States and the United Kingdom, and U.S. B61 tactical gravity bombs based in five other member states as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangements.

Strategic Dialogues

Since May 2012, BASIC has been delivering a series of “Strategic Dialogues” in Washington DC, aimed at facilitating the exchange of different perspectives on nuclear weapons issues and deterrence theories. Experts share their views in “dialogue” rather than traditional “debate” format, with the aim of exploring commonalities rather than emphasizing differences.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Security and Non-proliferation

BASIC collaborates closely with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Security and Non-Proliferation.

Arms Control Treaties & Non-Proliferation Initiatives

BASIC has followed developments around nuclear arms control treaties for over twenty years. This page includes links to recent coverage and resources for key treaties that BASIC has focused on as key steps in achieving progress towards our vision.