Middle East nuclear weapons free zone subject of panel discussion at the NPT Review Conference

Anne Penketh, BASIC Program Director, backed Egypt's proposals for a Middle East international conference to work towards a Middle East nuclear weapons free zone at a side event on the margins of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.

The May 21 event was hosted by Greenpeace whose Israeli representative, Sharon Dolev, described how she has been trying to raise awareness for nuclear disarmament in Israel, where discussion of that country's presumed nuclear arsenal of up to 200 weapons remains taboo.


Iran sanctions 'holding up nuclear treaty negotiations'

The unveiling of the Iran sanctions resolution "has changed the atmosphere here", noted Anne Penketh who is monitoring the view. The conference, she noted, "has been on a knife-edge from the get-go and I think it still is".

BASIC Program Director Anne Penketh quoted by The Independent. Read more:

Nuclear Weapons States reaffirm responsibility toward disarmament

Day 3: The nuclear weapons states have issued a pragmatic joint document reflecting the constructive spirit of the negotiations at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.

The statement was issued on Day 3 of the NPT Review Conference and presented during the general debate by Russia's chief arms negotiator Anatoly Antonov.

Iran Update: Number 142

Nuclear summit takes aim at unsecured bomb material

“If leaders at the summit get it right, they could render nuclear power safer to use in the fight against climate change, strengthen the non-proliferation regime, and build further international confidence in ... nuclear disarmament.” 

BASIC Research Director Ian Kearns quoted by Reuters in Sundays Zaman.

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Non-proliferation requires disarmament, and vice versa: Advice to the Iranian Government as it seeks to challenge the nuclear order at the NPT Review Conference

Iran should step up cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog as a first step towards creating the space for negotiations.


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