Analyst view - Iran invites envoys to visit atomic sites

"This invitation is to be welcomed. Whilst no big breakthrough in openness in itself, as ambassadors without detailed technical understanding of the facilities will hardly discover any major new information from such a visit, it is a goodwill gesture and does mark a shift in approach towards engagement, and recognition that the international community has a legitimate interest in Iran's nuclear programme." Paul Ingram, BASIC's executive director was quoted.

Iran Nuclear Negotiatiors Begin, No Breakthrough Seen

“Trust is going to take a long time to develop, and they’re not going to come out of this meeting with an agreement. There is an increased willingness now to discuss real issues.”
Paul Ingram, executive director of the BASIC, was quoted. To read more click here:
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Nuclear Security after the Washington Summit

The Washington summit on nuclear security delivered some positive outcomes. But it is imperative that states do not now become complacent; there is much still left to do to ensure that nuclear weapons and material do not fall into the wrong hands. The ultimate gauge of the summit’s success will be whether actions now follow words. Published originally in the RUSI Journal, June/July 2010, Vol. 155, No. 3.

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Getting to Zero Update

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference concluded at the end of May on a positive note. However, the months ahead look uncertain. Diplomatic relations over the North Korean and Iranian programs continue to deteriorate, and there still lacks a firm indication on whether the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) will be ratified by the end of the year. 

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Non-proliferation requires disarmament, and vice versa: Advice to the Iranian Government as it seeks to challenge the nuclear order at the NPT Review Conference

Iran should step up cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog as a first step towards creating the space for negotiations.


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