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Russia hails agreement on nuclear arms treaty

”If you look at the actual treaty, they are not going to be cutting up weapons. They are just not going to be deployed. It is quite a modest treaty. It is important in what it says about US-Russian relations. It is a signal of the tangible improvement.”

BASIC Program Director Anne Penketh quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Getting to Zero Update

Getting to Zero Update




Two missed opportunities for GTZ during the presidential debate

The first US Presidential debate between senators John McCain and Barack Obama was supposed to be the big chance for the candidates to showcase their foreign policy visions and differences. Unfortunately, both candidates missed two opportunities within the debate to mention their vision for a world without nuclear weapons. It's actually one issue that both of them seem to agree on, at least in a general way.

Getting to Zero Update

Full text of Joint Understanding for START follow-on released

As a follow up to the July 6 announcement on the START Follow-on Treaty, today the White House provided the full text of the Joint Understanding (JU) between Russia and the United States.

The JU acknowledges prominent areas of difficulty related to missile defense and conventional warheads on strategic delivery vehicles by calling for:

START follow-on: Reductions - not radical optimists - can focus on limits

In conjunction with the Obama-Medvedev Summit in Moscow today, the United States and Russia reached a Joint Understanding (White House press release) for establishing new limitations on the number of strategic nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles under the START Follow-on Treaty.