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Beyond the Trident Alternatives Review

This brief, authored by Dr. Nick Ritchie, outlines opportunities and challenges arising from the UK government's ongoing Trident Alternatives Review. This briefing critiques weaknesses within the current thinking around Trident, outlines the key issues that need to be addressed, and highlights the opportunities that Britain has to demonstrate leadership on nuclear disarmament. Ritchie claims that this is a unique opportunity in the UK for an informed debate and addresses the key questions:

BASIC News January - February 2013

The BASIC Trident Commission continued its deliberations on multiple aspects of the United Kingdom’s nuclear posture. Also in the first part of the year, BASIC organized sessions focused on U.S. nuclear weapons and extended deterrence in both London and Washington, engaging with a range of political and international perspectives.

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The U.S. Nuclear Deterrent: An International Perspective

BASIC's Executive Director reflects upon the Nuclear Deterrence Summit, which included a BASIC event on "European Perspectives on Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century" on February 20, 2013. This brief paper includes summaries of views expressed by a number of international participants at the conference, with a focus on transatlantic relations.

Media Release: Second BASIC Trident Commission Paper outlines the costs for individuals, communities and the economy from the options for Trident Renewal

The BASIC Trident Commission publishes its second discussion paper Wednesday 21 March on the defence industrial aspects of the forthcoming decision on Trident renewal, and in particular the construction of the next generation of SSBN nuclear submarines.

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Getting to Zero Update

January 2011

New START was ratified by the US Senate in December, and then by Russia last week. It is expected that the instruments of ratification will be exchanged to bring it into force by the end of this week, in Munich at the security conference.

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June 2010


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