Turkey, NATO & and Nuclear Sharing: Prospects after NATO's Lisbon Summit

Mustafa Kibaroglu presents Turkey's political, military and diplomatic views to the prolonged deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons on their soil. Turkey's policy of non-proliferation contrasts with their hosting - albeit burden sharing - of NATO tactical nuclear weapons. He concludes that Turkey, preferably together with other NATO members, should take the initiative in asking the United States to draw them down and remove them entirely, in the interests of Turkish security and alliance cohesion.

NATO's Nuclear Posture discussed at the NPT Review Conference

The prospect of a shift in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's position on tactical nuclear weapons in Europe in 2010 was the subject of a BASIC event held at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.Ambassador James Goodby, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and BASIC Board member pointed out that the debate within NATO is taking place against a backdrop of the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Iran update: number 124


  • New sanctions imposed; ongoing negotiations on Iran's nuclear program
  • Implications from conflict in Georgia; Medvedev scheduled to meet with Ahmadinejad
  • Iran announces second nuclear power plant site; Russian nuclear official to visit Tehran and Bushehr
  • Tehran tests Safir rocket, United States says it was a failed satellite launch
  • Iran claims increase in the range of its fighter jets
  • New Iranian submarine class announced
  • Khamenei shows support for second Ahmadinejad term

On August 8, the Eu

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