In an age of 'smart' weapons, we can live without nukes

In this article for UPI, Rethinking Nuclear Weapons Project Director Ward Wilson counters the argument that we need nuclear weapons to provide us security in an increasingly dangerous world. He writes: "There are actually sound, pragmatic reasons to reject nuclear weapons. The ideas we use to guide us in thinking about nuclear weapons are actually wrong. The assumptions shared by most members of the nuclear community and that they have assiduously taught the rest of us for 70 years are muddled and mistaken.

Trident Wrapped up?

BASIC's Executive Director, Paul Ingram, recently authored an article in the Huffington Post which examines the swift decison by the UK government to push through the Trident vote. The piece reflects upon the Prime Minister's impetus for the rushed vote and the immediate political consequences, as well the many long-term complications that are expected to unfold.

"The emerging threat to the future of the Trident programme and Britain’s deployment of nuclear weapons independently arises from the spiralling costs and the technical and industrial risks..."