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Iran Update 165

  • Next E3+3 talks finally scheduled; Iran-U.S. bi-lateral talks a possibility
  • Another round of IAEA talks conclude without progress; next meeting scheduled for mid-February
  • Iran’s nuclear program prominent subject for Obama’s nominees at confirmation hearings

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Chuck Hagel, North Korea and Russia

This week in the United States, Chuck Hagel’s nomination to the position of Secretary of Defense is expected to come up for a vote in the Senate Armed Services Committee as early as Thursday, where the former Senator recently underwent a fiery barrage of questioning from fellow Republicans over his positions on Iran and the U.S. nuclear arsenal last week.

This Week - Looking to the Year Ahead

This week there is much wrangling within the media about the likely appointment of former Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. As a politician apparently immune to the usual herd instinct and the pressures of the lobbyists, such lobbyists are attempting to block the possible appointment. Some whisper the principal reason lies in his belief that a military attack on Iran would be a mistake. 

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