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Brian Eno chats with Tom Robinson

Former BASIC board member Brian Eno was featured on the Tom Robinson show on BBC Radio 6, discussing his career, involvement with BASIC, and interest in reducing nuclear dangers. Brian explains: 'We still have tens of thousands of ready to go nuclear weapons and they are still as dangerous as they once luck nothing has gone wrong with them.

May 2010

April 2010

Getting to Zero Update

Event summary: Visions for a New Century - Launch of new public conversation on nuclear disarmament

Brian Eno, rock musician and artist, invited an eclectic collection of fellow musicians, artists, business people, senior politicians, officials, philanthropists, actors and writers to his London studio on the evening of February 1st to broaden support for nuclear disarmament.

The ultimate lecture: Anthropology 101

On a distant planet in the not-so-distant future, an anthropology lecturer coolly examines the Earth people before their self-destruction. Through this diverse collection of images, both trivial and evocative, he pieces together a compelling, often disturbing, account of what life on Earth must have been like.

The ultimate lecture: Anthropology 101's the end of the Earth, no less.

Music: Brian Eno
Narration: Mark Rylance

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