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Congratulating BASIC Researcher Dr Tim Street

We would like to warmly congratulate Dr Tim Street, who has this month been awarded an ESRC-funded PhD Studentship from Warwick University, for his thesis: 'The Politics of Nuclear Disarmament: Obstacles to and Opportunities for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons in and Between the Nuclear Weapon States.'  Tim worked at BASIC as part his research before joining the Oxford Research Group. We will be working with Tim to help him publicise some of the results of his thesis in due course. The abstract of Dr Street's thesis is below:


Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review endangers Europe

Last Friday, the United States published its Nuclear Posture Review. If enacted this would undermine attempts to reduce nuclear tensions in Europe since the end of the Cold War. While most Europeans would consider nuclear weapons to be a last resort, President Trump intends to increase the US’ reliance on non-strategic nuclear weapons and develop a range of new nuclear weapons for new missions across Europe.

BASIC co-hosts first Gender and International Affairs Breakfast at Chatham House

On Wednesday 13 December, Chatham House, in association with the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) and The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP), hosted a breakfast meeting on gender in international affairs, the first of a series of quarterly meetings bringing together experts and practitioners from academia and the international affairs community from around the UK for an open-ended conversation under Chatham House Rules.

New Nukes, New Missions, New Insecurities: Implications of the Nuclear Posture Review for Europe

The US’ Nuclear Posture Review, to be published early next year, will make decisions on modernising the US nuclear arsenal that could impact on systems operational until the end of the century. Speculation abounds, and many fear the the NPR could expand the size and remit of nuclear operations. It was reported that Congress and US allies were briefed this September on its progress. According to Julian Borger of The Guardian, the NPR is considering: