NATO and Trump

On 25th May, NATO Leaders met in Brussels to discuss the future of the alliance. With Trumpian panache, the US President took the opportunity to scold his European allies for not spending enough on defence and accused certain countries of owing a ‘massive amount of money from past years.’

Should the UK adopt a Restricted First Use policy?

On the 17th January, Democratic Senator Ed Markey and Representative Ted Lieu introduced the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act 2017 in both houses of Congress. Four months later, a petition in support of the Bill has received over 500,000 signatures.

US - North Korea: An Unnecessary Crisis

Let no one say the Trump Administration has not been creative in foreign policy in its first 100 days. It has created a full-blown crisis over North Korea and it is sustaining it.

The crisis was not caused by North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. It was caused by what the U.S. Administration says about it. “We won’t allow North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and long-range missiles,” said President Trump. Vice-President Mike Pence warns North Korea not to test America’s resolve.

United States inconsistency complicates cooperation with Russia on DPRK

Setting the tone for a potential shift in the US's policy of multilateral cooperation over North Korea, Joseph Yun, the US Special Representative for North Korea, visited Moscow from April 4-6. There he met with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, where both parties expressed mutual concerns over North Korea's developing missile program.