Where is the conversation around nuclear weapons and how can art and politics work together for social change?

Where is the conversation around nuclear weapons and how can art and politics work together for social change?

Drop The Bomb by podcaster Luke Wilson combines the stories and perspectives of experts, artists and campaigners to shed light on these urgent questions. Starting with the necessary story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Joseph Rotblat, we hear the fascinating journey through the world of nuclear weapons of Carol Naughton and Paul Ingram, ending with award-winning filmmaker Smriti Keshari on her timely immersive film, The Bomb.

Europe and the Iran Deal: Between a rock and a hard place

After more than a year of uncertainty, President Trump announced that the United States would reimpose sanctions against Iran in violation of the JCPoA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), more commonly known as the Iran Deal. This leaves the multilateral agreement the US signed with China, France, Germany, Iran, Russia, the UK and the EU in 2015 to prevent Iranian nuclear proliferation in limbo. Now Washington finds itself at loggerheads with its European allies.

Congratulating BASIC Researcher Dr Tim Street

We would like to warmly congratulate Dr Tim Street, who has this month been awarded an ESRC-funded PhD Studentship from Warwick University, for his thesis: 'The Politics of Nuclear Disarmament: Obstacles to and Opportunities for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons in and Between the Nuclear Weapon States.'  Tim worked at BASIC as part his research before joining the Oxford Research Group. We will be working with Tim to help him publicise some of the results of his thesis in due course. The abstract of Dr Street's thesis is below:


Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review endangers Europe

Last Friday, the United States published its Nuclear Posture Review. If enacted this would undermine attempts to reduce nuclear tensions in Europe since the end of the Cold War. While most Europeans would consider nuclear weapons to be a last resort, President Trump intends to increase the US’ reliance on non-strategic nuclear weapons and develop a range of new nuclear weapons for new missions across Europe.