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Syria: lessons for the nuclear debate

The threat of military intervention in Syria in response to alleged chemical weapons use by Bashar Al-Assad’s government was put on hold this past week as U.S. and Russian Foreign Ministers, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, negotiated a deal that would see Syria sign up to the U.N. Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and hand their chemical weapons stockpile over to the international community. As we edge towards a decision, it may be valuable to reflect on the core arguments that have been driving the debate.

Iran Update: Number 161

Iran update: number 125


  • Russia commits to completing light water reactor at Bushehr; overall Russian-Iranian nuclear ties may be increasing
  • Iran risking new round of sanctions, but no news yet
  • French President Sarkozy takes up mantle as a principal intermediary between West and Iran
  • Syrian attempts to persuade Iran to more seriously commit to inspection regime
  • Iranian air force to hold war games during Ramadan

On September 2, the state-run Russian nuclear consortium, AtomStroiExport (ASE),

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