Our Vision


A world free from the threat of nuclear weapons, established by a cooperative global security agenda and formalized in negotiated treaties.

Nuclear weapons pose a continuing threat to international peace and security, through brinkmanship, miscalculation, theft or accident. All but four countries in the world have signed up, through the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to the vision of a safe and secure world without nuclear weapons. But barriers to progress - both on stopping the further spread of nuclear weapons and on getting rid of the ones that already exist - still appear insurmountable. We seem trapped in a cycle of dependency on nuclear deterrence. The international commitment we all made risks becoming irrelevant. We need new thinking that overcomes the mistrust and fear.

BASIC seeks to engage diverse perspectives and broaden the scope of the discussion to find ways past existing frustrations. We have 27 years of experience building an extensive and diverse network across Europe, the US and the Middle East. We have a reputation for non-partisan, non-judgmental engagement and for seeking common ground, in the interests of nuclear disarmament.