Join us on our journey towards sustainable security without the threat of nuclear weapons. 

There are only a handful of organisations making innovative, meaningful proposals to reduce these risks and manage reductions to a world free of these weapons – one of them in BASIC.

We're trying hard to achieve this, but we need your help.

In the coming months, we're working with states around the world to strengthen assurances that nuclear weapons will never be used against a non-nuclear state. We're doing pioneering work to help people in the Middle East develop a WMD Free Zone. We're presenting evidence that nuclear submarines will not be invisible forever. And, as the US retreats, we're working hard with UK Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to demonstrate bold diplomatic leadership on multilateral nuclear disarmament.

What can you do? Do you know anyone who could give pro bono fundraising advice to a charity? Or could you support BASIC: with your skills, through tax-efficient giving from your business, or a small donation? Reach out to us, and find out how you could help ensure we can achieve our vision of a safer world.

BASIC is a registered charity (1001081) in the United Kingdom. 

Ways to give:

Giving as an individual

1. Donate Online

Charity Choice is a trusted third party to help you make safe charitable donations online. Click on the button below to make am instant donation to BASIC using your debit or credit card. 

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2. Cheque
To: FAO Zara Rizvi
3 Whitehall Court, Suite 98


Giving through your business

1. Work for Good is a platform which makes giving through your business as easy as possible, by making all your donations tax-efficient for you. Read how it works here, registration takes about a minute, and then visit BASIC's profile
2. Corporate Partnerships: BASIC is always interested to speak to corporate organisations who share our values, to explore potential opportunities for partnerships. Contact Paul Ingram, our Executive Director, by email and lets grab a coffee.
Thank you for your support!