Trident Commission
The Trident Commission at the launch of their final report, July 2014
BASIC team at the launch of the Trident Commission's final report, July 2014
BASIC conversation with the next generation
BASIC conversation with the next generation
Trevor McCrisken BASIC
BASIC Chair Trevor McCrisken at the Strategic Dialogue on Capitol Hill, November 2013
Paul Ingram BASIC
Paul Ingram at BASIC's conference in Doha, March 2012
Ward Wilson BASIC
Ward Wilson presenting at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, May 2013
EU Non-Proliferation
BASIC board member Andrew Cottey at the EU Non-Proliferation Conference, October 1, 2013. Credit: IISS & EU Non-Proliferation Consortium
Credit: Defence Images

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Prospects for Agreement with Iran
September 22, 2014

The negotiations over Iran’s nuclear activities between Iran and its Western interlocutors – the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – on Iran’s nuclear activities are under way in New York again with no one optimistic about the immediate outcome.

Trident - a liability the UK can ill afford to keep
September 17, 2014

If Scotland votes yes for independence this week, the chances of the UK having to disarm its nuclear arsenal rise dramatically–and the global non-proliferation regime needs just such a shot in the arm. But even a close no vote should be cause for reassessment over the future of Trident.

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We need to talk...about nukes: Scotland edition

Is it possible to create a world free from nuclear weapons? What role can you and the rest of Scotland play in making it happen? BASIC and WMD Awareness have teamed up with the Edinburgh University People & Planet Group to invite you to an evening of discovery and ...


October 22, 2014

The crisis in Ukraine and its peculiar nuclear dimension has come to epitomise the features of the strategic politics in Europe.

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