BASIC conversation with the next generation
BASIC conversation with the next generation
Trevor McCrisken BASIC
BASIC Chair Trevor McCrisken at the Strategic Dialogue on Capitol Hill, November 2013
Strengthening Nonproliferation
Ward Wilson, Benno Laggner, Angela Kane, & Barry Blechman at the UN, Oct 2013. Photo credit: Elias Oberkirch
Paul Ingram BASIC
Paul Ingram at BASIC's conference in Doha, March 2012
Ward Wilson BASIC
Ward Wilson presenting at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, May 2013
EU Non-Proliferation
BASIC board member Andrew Cottey at the EU Non-Proliferation Conference, October 1, 2013. Credit: IISS & EU Non-Proliferation Consortium
Credit: Defence Images

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This Week: Can the "P5" process deliver on disarmament?
April 14, 2014

The five NPT-recognised nuclear weapon states (NWS) meet in Beijing for the so-called (though misnamed) ‘P5 process’ this week, prior to the NPT Preparatory Committee in New York that starts at the end of the month. China is the last of the five to host the process, kicked off by the British in September 2009 after a speech at the Conference on Disarmament by the...

Iran nuclear talks and the shadow of the Ukraine crisis
April 07, 2014

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, representatives from Iran and the P5+1: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, plus Germany, will meet in Vienna to continue working toward a comprehensive agreement around Iran’s nuclear program. The last such meeting was held in mid-March - not long after the Russian invasion of Crimea, and some worried that the crisis would set back the talks.

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Egyptian Approaches on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation

On March 25th BASIC hosted a conference in collaboration with Cairo University and the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, in order to stimulate discussion about Egypt’s role and strategy in the regional and global non-proliferation regime over the next crucial period leading up to the 2015 NPT Review Conference and beyond, in the interests of effective impact on the disarmament ...


April 16, 2014

On March 24-25, 53 world leaders convened at The Hague for the third Nuclear Security Summit to discuss the implementation of national measures to protect vulnerable fissile and radiological material from belligerence-prone hands. The following commentary focuses on the summit’s outcomes and remaining challenges as a platform to build on for continued progress.

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