Talking Trident: A Conversation with the next generation
BASIC discusses prospects for a nuclear weapon free world at the Edinburgh Talking Trident event, Oct 2014
Trident Commission
The Trident Commission at the launch of their final report, July 2014
BASIC team at the launch of the Trident Commission's final report, July 2014
BASIC conversation with the next generation
BASIC conversation with the next generation
Trevor McCrisken BASIC
BASIC Chair Trevor McCrisken at the Strategic Dialogue on Capitol Hill, November 2013
Paul Ingram BASIC
Paul Ingram at BASIC's conference in Doha, March 2012
Ward Wilson BASIC
Ward Wilson presenting at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, May 2013
EU Non-Proliferation
BASIC board member Andrew Cottey at the EU Non-Proliferation Conference, October 1, 2013. Credit: IISS & EU Non-Proliferation Consortium
Credit: Defence Images

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BASIC response to 'Retiring Trident'
February 16, 2015

Today Centre Forum published the report ‘Retiring Trident: An alternative proposal for UK nuclear deterrence’ by Toby Fenwick. This report is an important and timely contribution to the debate on options facing an incoming government. BASIC does not endorse this option...

The sustainability of the P5 process and expectations for London
February 05, 2015

The United Kingdom will play host this week to the United States, France, China and Russia for a meeting of the “P5 Process”. This is the last meeting of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) nuclear weapon states (NWS) prior to the NPT Review Conference this April. These states have been meeting for five years and the pressure is on to demonstrate concrete...

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A Memo to the next Prime Minster on the Nuclear Question: Options Regarding the Replacement of Trident​​

9.30 to 11.00 am, Wednesday 4th March, Attlee Suite, Portcullis House

Chair: The Rt Hon Dame Margaret Beckett MP, Chair of the (Joint) National Security Strategy Committee


February 17, 2015

Recent Developments in Russia’s Nuclear Posture
Since 2008, the Russian government has undertaken an initiative to overhaul its conventional armed forces, with a target completion date of 2020.

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