Talking Trident: A Conversation with the next generation
BASIC discusses prospects for a nuclear weapon free world at the Edinburgh Talking Trident event, Oct 2014
Trident Commission
The Trident Commission at the launch of their final report, July 2014
BASIC team at the launch of the Trident Commission's final report, July 2014
BASIC conversation with the next generation
BASIC conversation with the next generation
Trevor McCrisken BASIC
BASIC Chair Trevor McCrisken at the Strategic Dialogue on Capitol Hill, November 2013
Paul Ingram BASIC
Paul Ingram at BASIC's conference in Doha, March 2012
Ward Wilson BASIC
Ward Wilson presenting at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, May 2013
EU Non-Proliferation
BASIC board member Andrew Cottey at the EU Non-Proliferation Conference, October 1, 2013. Credit: IISS & EU Non-Proliferation Consortium
Credit: Defence Images

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This Week: Complacency is slowly killing the non-proliferation regime
November 19, 2014

Fatalism over the chances of achieving agreement on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation is symptomatic of a failure that goes deeper than the inefficiencies of the diplomatic process.

Why does Britain need to feel special?
November 03, 2014

The world is getting restless with some states’ attachment to nuclear weapons. So why is Britain going out of its way to deepen its nuclear relationship with the United States?

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Furthering NPT Objectives, Amman Security Colloquium

On November 12th, BASIC is hosting a panel discussion at the annual Amman Security Colloquium entitled “Options available to promote progress in furthering NPT objectives in 2015”.


November 21, 2014

There is much speculation around how a prospective deal next week that could strengthen constraints upon Iran’s nuclear program in return for a partial lifting of sanctions will go down in Washington. But how about Tehran?

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