BASIC Event: Options Regarding the Replacement of Trident​​, March 4, 2015
Talking Trident: A Conversation with the next generation
BASIC discusses prospects for a nuclear weapon free world at the Edinburgh Talking Trident event, Oct 2014
Trident Commission
The Trident Commission at the launch of their final report, July 2014
BASIC team at the launch of the Trident Commission's final report, July 2014
BASIC conversation with the next generation
BASIC conversation with the next generation
Trevor McCrisken BASIC
BASIC Chair Trevor McCrisken at the Strategic Dialogue on Capitol Hill, November 2013
Paul Ingram BASIC
Paul Ingram at BASIC's conference in Doha, March 2012
Ward Wilson BASIC
Ward Wilson presenting at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, May 2013

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Will the New Government be Obliged to Renew Trident?
April 27, 2015

The efforts to question Ed Miliband’s commitment to maintain a credible independent nuclear deterrent have failed to land with the electorate. But it would be a serious error to think that is down to the repeated assurances that a Labour government will follow through with full renewal of the system.

NPT is an Election Issue: UK Member of Elite Club of Irresponsible Nations
April 24, 2015

Nuclear weapons are attracting a higher profile in this UK election debate than they have in any nuclear weapon state in a generation.

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Joint event with UNA-UK: Surviving Nuclear Zero

How could Britain ensure its security without nuclear weapons?
BASIC has joined up with the United Nations Association-UK (UNA-UK) to discuss this question on 29 May 2015 at the International Maritime Organization in London.


April 23, 2015

It was December 1953, eight years after the bombing of Hiroshima, when US President Eisenhower launched the Atoms for Peace campaign, designed to “hasten the day when fear of the atom will begin to disappear from the minds of people.”

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